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I due giovani atleti della Mastromarco Sensi Nibali faranno il salto nel professionismo nella stagione 2022.

The green line of Bardiani CSF Faizanè continues.In fact, the young Italians who will become pros in the 2022 season with the #GreenTeam jersey are now 9 in total. Alessio Nieri and Martin Marcellusi, respectively class 2001 and class 2000, both come from the Mastromarco Sensi Nibali team. A common past, but different stories and characteristics to compose a young and well-matched Roster for the new season.


Martin Marcellusi, is a young 21-year-old athlete from Rome. After 3 years in the Under23 category he is ready for the big jump into professionalism. He himself, inspired by his idol Peter Sagan, defines himself as a rider inspired by monuments and epic rides, preferring one-day races and short stage races. Since his first year with the Under team he has highlighted his talent with the victory at Firenze-Empoli.

These are his words at the time of signing:

“I am really grateful to the Reverberi, because they have been able to look beyond the performances of a last year for me not very lucky. First the covid, then a knee injury conditioned me in 2021, this further pushes me to want to show that they did well to bet on me. In my first year Under I started to become aware of my skills with the victory at the Firenze-Empoli where I won by comparing myself with top level athletes such as Covi, Battistella and Bagioli. I think I can become a riders for one day races, to take advantage of my skilss on short climbs and my abilities in sprints. My special thanks goes to Balducci and the president Carlo Franceschi who believed in me among the Under23 category.”



Alessio Nieri, born in 2001, approached cycling at the age of 16, first finding space in Mountain Bike category, to then land on his true dream, the road cycling. Climber attitude, as demonstrated with the 7th place in the Andalo stage of the recent Giro d’Italia Under23, will move to Bardiani CSF Faizanè with the ambition to grow and test himself in comparison with the professionals.


“I am happy to join a team like Bardiani CSF Faizanè, which has shown that it can believe and value young people.” Says Alessio Nieri “Having started with cycling quite late, I continue to discover myself as an athlete day after day. I am a climber and although I still have to test myself on the long stage races, my dream are the big stage races like the Giro d’Italia, where I can express myself best in the uphill stages. In addition to thanking the Reverberi for their trust, my thanks go to Balducci who brought me to Mastromarco, to the president Franceschi and to all the “family” of the Mastromarco team. “