31.07.2020 · In evidence


Saturday 1 August 2020, the great Italian cycling officially starts again with the prestigious Strade Bianche. The Bardiani CSF Faizanè team will be at the start of the new Italian debut, the first World Tour race of the #GreenTeam season and the first of 15 events that await the team in August.

The Strade Bianche 2020 should have been run on Saturday 7 March, but Italian cycling has stopped, followed closely by the whole nation. This Saturday 1 August 2020 Italian cycling starts again, just where everything had abruptly stopped with the fourteenth edition of the Strade Bianche. The first World Tour appointment of this season for the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team therefore takes on a historical and symbolic connotation towards the restart.

These are the words of Roberto Reverberi looking forward to the prestigious appointment: “After these long months of stop today for us it is the real day of the restart, in a symbolic race for everyone in Italy. We already have been racing in Europe last week, but today we are finally back on our roads. It will be an important opportunity to measure our condition by comparing ourselves with the best athletes in the world, but the riders know that it is essential for us to go to the maximum immediately in all these three months of competitions. As always, we will try to honor RCS Sport’s invitation with an attacking race that will entertain the many fans who will follow us on TV and on the road.”


There will be 7 riders at the start of the “classic of the northern most south of Europe” in this unusual summer edition. To guide them in the teamcar there will be Roberto Reverberi and Mirko Rossato, to face a long and insidious route with 184 km to go interspersed with 11 stretches of dirt road equal to 63 km of “white roads”. Alessandro Tonelli and Iuri Filosi, already at the start of two previous editions of the Strade Bianche, will be men with more experience. With them will be Vincenzo Albanese back from good performances in Slovenia and Alessandro Pessot. There will be 3 “neo-pros” riders at the start for the #GreenTeam, which, as always, wants to give young Italian riders the opportunity to measure themselves on big stages. Then there will be Filippo Fiorelli, that demonstrated a great condition in the Romanian race to the Sibiu Tour, Nicolas Dalla Valle and Fabio Mazzucco.

The line-up at the start, as usual is entirely made up of Italian riders, that will have an average age of 24.5 years.

The line-up:

Vincenzo Albanese (1996) – All-rounder

Nicolas Dalla Valle (1997) – All-rounder

Iuri Filosi (1992) – All-rounder

Filippo Fiorelli (1994) – Rouleur

Fabio Mazzucco (1999) – All-rounder

Alessandro Pessot (1995) – Rouleur

Alessandro Tonelli (1992) – Rouleur

The race will be broadcasted on international television. In Italy the race will be live on Raisport starting from 3.00 pm and on Rai2 starting from 16.50 with expected finish time on 6.30 pm.