27.08.2020 · In evidence


While in France the team is involved in the last three stages of the Tour de Poitou, in Italy two major appointments with the Trofeo Matteotti and the Memorial Pantani.

A weekend of great sport awaits Bardiani CSF Faizanè team. While 7 riders are involved in France with 2 flat stages and the time trial of the Tour de Poitou, in Italy there will be two historical events of Italian cycling, valid for the Ciclismo Cup: on Saturday the Trofeo Matteotti, on Sunday the Memorial Pantani.

Trofeo Matteotti.

The seventy-third edition kicks off this Saturday 29 August, on the classic 195 km track with start and finish in Pescara with the classic circuit that will pass through Montesilvano. Among the ranks of the #GreenTeam there will be Vincenzo Albanese, winner of the 2016 edition, but also Daniel Savini back from an excellent third place behind Trentin and Amador in 2019. Six riders at the start ready to challenge the World Tour teams and the other Professional teams. With Vincenzo Albanese and Daniel Savini there will be Alessandro Tonelli, Alessandro Monaco, with the Sicilian couple Francesco Romano and Filippo Fiorelli to complete the roster..

In the teamcar the Sports Director, Alessandro Donati, that knows very well both the the race and the circuit.


Vincenzo Albanese (1996) – All-rounder

Daniel Savini (1997) – Climber

Filippo Fiorelli (1994) – Rouleur

Francesco Romano (1997) – Climber

Alessandro Tonelli (1992) – Rouleur

Alessandro Monaco (1998) – Climber

Sporting Director: Alessandro Donati.


Memorial Pantani.

199 km departing from Castrocaro Terme and arriving in Cesenatico. Appointment for Sunday 30 August with the seventeenth edition of the Memorial Pantani. Traditionally suitable for climbers or in any case for men able to withstand the slopes of the final circuit to be repeated 3 times with an average gradient of 7% and peaks at 14%.

The Bardiani CSF Faizanè will be at the start with 6 riders led in the teamcar by the Sports Director Roberto Reverberi.

Filippo Zana (1999) – Rouleur

Alessandro Tonelli (1992) – Rouleur

Filippo Fiorelli (1994) – Rouleur

Daniel Savini (1997) – Climber

Manuel Senni (1992) – Climber

Filippo Zaccanti (1995) – Climber

Sporting Director: Roberto Reverberi.

TV coverage.

Both races will be visible on Raisport, with an extensive summary broadcast in the evening. The summary of the Trofeo Matteotti will be broadcasted on Saturday 29 August at 7.05 pm, the summary of the Pantani Memorial on Sunday 30 August at 9.20 pm.