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For 2020 season the team Bardiani CSF Faizanè decided for a big change. The Cyclamen will be the main color of the jersey and on the bike. The brand new jersey designed by Alé Cycling will for sure point out in the bunch. Unveiled also the brand new team bikes by Guerciotti.

2020 wants to be the year of a change to relaunch the team leaded by Bruno Reverberi. To leave the first sign of the new direction is the chromatic change on the jersey. The green line philosophy will remains, and also a little bit of green as secondary color on the jersey, but new colors looking to the future will dominate on the jersey, on the bike and all team technical materials in 2020.

“Starting from 2020 we expect an important relaunch of our team. We grow up as sponsorships and at the same time from a technical level with our riders, always maintaining our philosophy” explains Bruno Reverberi. “The Green line keeps going on, with young Italian riders as part of our Roster. In the same time we wanted to put a line looking forward to the future. Thanks to our Italian partners Alé Cycling and Guerciotti we realized a new jersey and a new bike with new colors, that fur sure will put us in evidence in the bunch.”


The #GreenTeam wears the cyclamen. To launch the chromatic revolution of the Bardiani – CSF – Faizanè team, starting from 2020 season, is the brand new cycling kit designed by Alé Cycling, that also in the 2020 season is confirmed as official partner of the team.

From a tech point of view the riders will use the PR-S line, acronym of Pro Racing System, born by the collaboration of the brand with Professional teams. The fabric comes from the best solution of high level, such as the Body Mapping putting in evidence the necessities of all the different part of the body. The perfect solution for body perspiration, protection and flow of air.

Alessia Piccolo, AD of A.P.G. the company leader of the brand ALÉ, comments: “It is a big pleasure to renew the partnership with the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team, a team that always gives us big satisfactions, brining our brand to important successes in International competitions. It is a collaboration coming from many years ago, thanks also to the friendship that we have with Bruno and Roberto Reverberi. For the 2020 jersey we designed a unique jersey, that will for sure point out in the bunch. The cyclamen color brings to our mind big stories of cycling, I really hope that it could be a good auspice also for the team.”


Many technical news in the new year of the team Bardiani – CSF – Faizanè. Thanks to the specific studies made by the Guerciotti brand, and in collaboration with the historical Italian partners, the team could use the brand new E740 disc, one of the lightest disc frames of the market, and the new release of the Eureka Air Disc, that in 2020 has been improved. The most important upgrade is on the fork, that gives to the bike a total integration of all the cables. The #GreenTeam bikes will be equipped with Campagnolo Super Record 12v EPS disc, and with Ursus TS37 and TS47 Evo, with the new custom livery made for the team. The Handlebars are made by Dedaelementi and the top saddle will be given by Selle Italia. The big news will be the black color, with a strong presence of cyclamen, perfectly coordinated with the brand new jersey of the team.

These the words of Alessandro Guerciotti about partnerships and on the team bikes 2020 of the #GreenTeam: “We are ready to face this second season with the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team and the Reverberi family. A first year rich of big satisfactions in which the team has participated to many and important competitions of the World Tour calendar obtaining good results. We are happy to remind the jersey in Tirreno Adriatico reached by Maestri and the 4 days with the best young jersey of Carboni at Giro d’Italia. A Giro d’Italia where riders went in all the breakaways, with Maestri coming so close to the victory. We really hope to obtain the wild card for Giro d’Italia 2020 in order to be again part of this wonderful competition. From a tech pinta of view for the next season we decide to take the best from all our partners, from Campagnolo, Ursus, Dedaelementi and Selle Italia to give to the team the top of the quality with the brand new E740 disc and the new version of the Eureka Air disc. Another big news is the color. In Guerciotti we really believe in the importance of the design and thanks to our communication agency Albertdesign we studied a special livery that will be for sure noticed in the bunch. A color that will be out of the box but we are sure will be followed in the bike market.