30.06.2024 · In evidence

VF GROUP BARDIANI-CSF FAIZANÈ: A One-Two Finish in the Gravel Race, Zoccarato Takes the Italian Championship Title, second place for Colnaghi.

Second national title in the discipline for Zoccarato, he was already champion in 2022.

Samuele Zoccarato claimed a magnificent victory at the Italian Gravel Championships held in Golferenzo, launching a masterful attack during the second lap to secure his second Italian Gravel Championship title in a solo ride. He finished 5 minutes ahead of his teammate Luca Colnaghi, who also claimed a podium finish in the tricolor race.

Samuele Zoccarato’s Statement:

“I’m incredibly happy with the result, but it was a grueling race. I focused on staying close to the MTB and Gravel specialists, aware of my technical limitations. However, I proved my fitness and gained enough of a margin to manage the more technical sections at my own pace. It’s an honor to wear the tricolor jersey, and I’ll strive to uphold its prestige in upcoming gravel competitions.”


1.Samuele Zoccarato (VF Group Bardiani-CSF Faizanè) 04:18:20

2. Luca Colnaghi (VF Group Bardiani-CSF Faizanè) 04:23:08
3. Agostinacchio Filippo Beltrami Tsa Tre Colli 04:23:21