15.07.2022 · In evidence


Shortly before leaving for altitude training, Filippo Zana kept us visiting the Bardiani headquarters and the CSF headquarters, two of the main sponsors who supported the rider in his early years as a professional. To welcome him Luca Bardiani, president of the homonymous company, while to welcome him to CSF, the president Rolando Paterlini and the managing director Andrea Ferrari.

Starting this Saturday, July 16, the Italian champion Filippo Zana will be on the high ground, in preparation for the next sporting events in August, which will see him make his debut in the tricolor jersey at the Sazka Tour.

Before going in mountain for a couple of week of training, Filippo Zana had to visit the offices and factories of two companies that have supported him since his first year as a professional: Bardiani and CSF. Filippo Zana decided to personally bring one of the autographed tricolor jerseys as a gift and to greet the management and workers of the two companies.

To welcome him to Bardiani, the president Luca Bardiani and Emanuela Bardiani (CEO) who welcomed him personally, guiding him on his visit to the company and thanking him for the great achievement.

IN CSF, the president Rolando Paterlini, together with CEO Andrea Ferrari, did the honors at the new headquarters in Montecchio Emilia, recently inaugurated.

These are the words of Filippo Zana: “The goals I have achieved in recent years are the result of the work and great opportunities that the team sponsors have granted me, letting me grow without pressure and with great confidence. In particular, with the 3 main sponsors of the team Bardiani, CSF and Faizanè, I will always be grateful for the support and affection that they have never made me lack. They asked me for a victory in the tricolor jersey as a gift and of course I will do everything to make them happy and proud once again.”