29.08.2019 · In evidence


Sixth signing for Bardiani-CSF in view of the new season. Bruno and Roberto Reverberi have reached an agreement with Iuri Filosi who, after the experience with Nippo-Fantini-Faizanè and Delko-Marseille, is about to become a rider of the #GreenTeam in 2020.

“Filosi is a young rider but with a massive dose of experience, as well as a great potential, in our opinion, not entirely expressed” explains Roberto Reverberi. “When the opportunity to sign him came up, we didn’t think twice. Already at the end of 2014, when he decided to become pro-rider, we were close to the agreement. We are very happy to see him, finally, with the jersey of Bardiani-CSF. It will be an added value to our roster. For characteristics and potential, he can become our key rider in many races: it’s up to him to deserve it with convincing performances”.

“We seek and wanted each other, I’m very happy,” says Filosi. “After two years in France, between ups and downs, my first target was to return to Italy. I strongly wanted Bardiani-CSF for its tradition as a team able to launch, and relaunch, talents. I will find a well equipped team where I can re-launch my ambitions and recover the opportunities lost in these years. Bruno and Roberto have given me great confidence. Thanks to that, I’m sure I can make that leap in quality that, so far, has been lacking”.

“The first goal is to ensure constant performance. Looking to the calendar raced by Bardiani-CSF in recent years, there will be big opportunities. The dream is to return to Milan-Sanremo and Strade Bianche, in addition to Giro d’Italia, but talking about concrete goals is premature. We’ll see what on the way. Now I want to finish the season well, recharge the batteries in autumn and present myself in the best way at the first meeting for 2020”.

Filosi became pro-rider in 2015 with the rank of the emerging talent, thanks to a bold path in U23, culminated with the last season, with Team Colpack, in which he won the silver medal in the Nyon U23 European Championship U23, the sixth place in the Ponferrada U23 World Championship and four successes such as Piccola Sanremo, Giro delle Pesche Nettarine and two stages at the Vuelta Bidasoa.

After a season of acclimatisation, in 2016 he took part in Giro d’Italia with Nippo-Fantini-Faizanè and in 2017 he claimed his first victory at GP of Lugano. In 2018 he moved to France, where he still races.