16.04.2021 · In evidence


Also in 2021 the Tour of The Alps will be an important stage for great champions and a fundamental step towards the Giro d'Italia. For Bardiani CSF Faizanè 7 riders at the start, ready to face the great mountains.

The Tour of The Alps will start from Monday 19 April. Many champions at the start with 13 World Tour formations and 8 Professional teams ready to put on a show. 5 stages scheduled with two hours of live broadcast worldwide, in Italy on Raisport and Eurosport. All the stages will be particularly demanding as usual and the Bardiani CSF Faizanè will therefore be at the start with a formation composed mainly, but not only, of skilled climbers.

At the start there will be Giovanni Carboni, Johnatan Canaveral and Luca Covili, the riders most suitable to the mountain stages, together with Daniel Savini and Filippo Zana with a good ability as climbers. who will be able to try to be protagonists. Enrico Battaglin and Davide Gabburo complete the line-up.

Ion the teamcar, sports directors Roberto Reverberi and Alessandro Donati will lead the team in the 5 challenging stages.

These are the words of Roberto Reverberi in view of the competition: “The Tour of The Alps as usual will be an important race for many reasons. In addition to the prestige, the very high level of the start-list and the high difference in altitude that we will have to face, at the start we will see many of the protagonists that we will find in the Giro d’Italia. It is therefore an important opportunity to compete a few weeks before the Giro with top-level opponents and to accumulate the right effort and race pace approaching a Grand Tour. As always we will do our best to stand out by trying out actions with all our riders at the start. “


Giovanni Carboni (1995) – All-rounder

Enrico Battaglin (1989) – Rouleur

Filippo Zana (1999) – All-rounder

Johnatan Canaveral (1996) – Climber

Daniel Savini (1997) – Climber

Luca Covili (1997) – Climber

Davide Gabburo (1993) – Rouleur