02.08.2022 · In evidence


On the eve of his race debut with the tricolor jersey, Filippo Zana visited the company that supported him since his first year in professional career: Faizanè S.p.a. Mr. President Martino Dal Santo welcomed him. On his return from Livigno and before leaving for the Czech Republic, Filippo also visited Fisiocortiana, the team's sport & medical partner, located in Schio.

After some weeks of trainings in Livigno, Filippo Zana returned to his home in Piovene Rocchette to prepare for the new start of the season, heading for the Czech Republic, ready for the great debut in the tricolor jersey at the Sazka Tour.

Just before leaving, however, he wanted to visit his great friend and sponsor Martino Dal Santo and his Faizanè S.p.a., a company that has supported him in great cycling since his debut. The Faizanè headquarters, at Zanè, is in fact a few kilometers from the house where Filippo grew up and from the roads on which he trains every day. To welcome him in Faizanè was the president Martino Dal Santo, together with his brother Maurizio Dal Santo and his sister Gabriella Dal Santo. On this occasion, Filippo gave and signed some tricolor uniforms that will be exhibited at the team headquarters.

His greetings, on the eve of his debut, then continued in Fisiocortiana, a structure specialized in medical examinations, physiotherapy and osteopathic treatments, in instrumental physical therapies and in personalized training for sportsmen of all levels. Fisiocortiana has always represented for Filippo the point of reference for medical examinations at the beginning of the season, as well as an important structure with its gym equipped for sports. The osteopath and founder Giacomo Cortiana and the administrator Massimo Fontana welcomed him.

These are the words of Filippo Zana: “I will never be grateful enough to Faizanè for the support I have received over the years. They have been one of my biggest and most passionate fans since my first year in professionalism. Like them Fisiocortiana, this is where all my season begins, including this one which led me to the Italian championship victory. I hope to repay their support again with a good victory with the tricolor jersey. In recent weeks, some of my teammates and I have trained well in Livigno. Repeating ourselves at the Sazka Tour will not be easy, we will be up against some World Tour teams and excellent opponents, but our goal is certainly to aim to do the best we can to try to give immediately a success to the team and to the many sponsors that support us.”