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A well-established partnership between the team led by Reverberi and the italian brand, which are already pedaling together with a view to 2022. The Quasar helmet with cyclamen inserts and the Starlight glasses are supplied to the team, from next season in white color.

Bardiani CSF Faizanè and Briko will continue to ride together, heading for the 2022 season. The partnership between the team led by Bruno and Roberto Reverberi and Briko, historical Italian brand part of the Basic.Net grouphas been consolidated over the years of collaboration. The exchange of information between the athletes of the team, equipped with the most innovative products of the brand, and the Briko product development team is in fact constant in order to allow and facilitate a continuous evolution of the product always in step with the needs of professional athletes.

For the 2022 season, the team will be equipped with the Quasar helmet, launched and used in the 2021 season, in its special white-cyclamen team edition color. The glasses will vary in color, keeping the same model. The athletes of the team will in fact wear the Starlight 3 lenses in white color, with easily and quickly interchangeable lenses according to the weather conditions in the race.

The team manager Roberto Reverberi confirms the validity of the collaboration: “After a good sporting season we were contacted by various companies, but we decided to give continuity to a collaboration consolidated in recent years with an Italian brand and always open to collaboration such as Briko. We are happy to have contributed with our feedback to the product growth of these years and this pushes us to continue the collaboration together. The Quasar helmet, with cyclamen inserts, allowed us in 2021 to perfectly combine safety needs with those of immediate recognition in the group. In 2022 we will also turn the coloring of the glasses to white to give a more uniform style with the helmet and with the other elements that will make up our uniform. “

Alfonso De Antoni, Briko Sales Director, said: “We are very proud that Briko and the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team will continue to ride together for a new season. We completely embrace the philosophy of having an Italian group made up of young talents together with an Italian company with the common goal of collaborating and continuing to develop top products. With QUASAR helmet and STARLIGHT glasses we are sure we have given the tools to face a season that promises to be intense and we are confident in great performances: go Bardiani CSF Faizanè! “



The Quasar helmet, one of the top of the range in the Briko race category, is designed for good aerodynamics, combined with ventilation. The internal channels in fact allow the rapid dissipation of heat and humidity, improving performance, obviously without neglecting safety. Quasar is built with Full molding technology to create a total polycarbonate coating: upper shell, base ring, rear shell are joined to the internal polystyrene shell ensuring better shock absorption. As found by the athletes of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team, already during the 2021 season, the Quasar model is the perfect balance between aeration, essential even in countries and very hot seasons, and aerodynamics for racing.

The Starlight glasses are the lightest in the Briko range, designed to simplify the lens change operation as much as possible, minimize weight and offer the widest field of vision. This is how Starlight 3 Lenti was born, a Rimless model equipped with an exclusive quick coupling and release mechanism for the lens to allow maximum ease of use and quick adaptation to racing conditions. The silicone nose pads are adjustable in 3 positions, while the frame is completed by the ends of the non-slip rubber temples. The large ergonomically shaped lens allows incomparable superior and perimeter vision, not blocking the view in any direction. This model included three OLens Sun by Briko, the first mirrored in category 3 to protect against the sun’s rays, the second in category 1 and yellow for the most adverse weather conditions and the third, clear category 0 to allow you to run even at night.

Lightness, compactness and maximum aerodynamic research: Crono is a cutting-edge helmet that guarantees top performance for those who want to compete at the highest levels. Simplicity of shapes and unique design, to win against time. 7 VENTILATION HOLES, 5 FRONT AND 2 REAR MOLDING TECHNOLOGY ROLL FIT 2 VISORS INCLUDED (Silver Mirror cat.3 and Clear cat.0) FINISHES: – GLOSSY SIZES: ONE SIZE (53-61) WEIGHT: from 280 gr CERTIFICATIONS: CE EN 1078




– ONE SIZE 53-61 cm (head circumference)

– Weight: 280 GR