16.09.2021 · In evidence


After the many new faces announced and the important renewals of Enrico Battaglin and Samuele Zoccarato, the renewal of Giovanni Visconti for the 2022 season is now official.

Bardiani CSF Faizanè and Giovanni Visconti will continue together in the 2022 season. The three-time Italian champion will continue his career with the cyclamen jersey of Bardiani CSF Faizanè, in his important role as leader of the many young riders that will join the team in 2022 season. Giovanni Visconti will continue to be the experienced leader of the team, a real reference figure for the many young riders of the #GreenTeam who will thus continue to have in the team one of the 5 most winning Italian riders in activity, with the highest number of career victories. .


These are the words of Roberto Reverberi, at the time of signing: “We are happy to confirm Giovanni Visconti in our 2022 roster, it is a confirmation both for the man and for the athlete. Already in 2021 the growth in performance and results of the most talented young riders in the team was evident and partly attributable to the role played by Giovanni since the first training sessions with his new team. We are sure that in 2022, in addition to being a fundamental reference within the team for the many new professionals who will join the team, he will still be able to achieve personal satisfaction. “

Giovanni Visconti is thus preparing to live his eighteenth season among the professionals: “I am really happy to be able to continue my work started in this team. This renewal, which will allow me to be in the group for another year, it is very important to me for many reasons. With the many young riders who will be confirmed in the team, we have started a good project that I really want to continue. Likewise, I know that with the many neo-pros that will join the team, I am aware that my experienced role will be of great help to the team. Even on a personal level I want to give this team, in the 2022 season, the results that unfortunately due to some physical problems I could not give in 2021. Also for this reason, in agreement with the team, I am already working on a full recovery to restart 110% from 2022. “