23.09.2021 · In evidence


After two brilliant seasons in the Bardiani CSF Faizanè jersey, with successes such as the Porec Trophy and prestigious podiums and placements such as Sestola's third place in the Giro d'Italia, Filippo Fiorelli will continue with the #Greenteam also in the 2022 season. Contract renewal also for the 24-year-old Luca Covili.

The Roster 2022 is made up of other important elements, with the renewals of Filippo Fiorelli, a brilliant and winning rider with still significant margins for growth, and Luca Covili.

Filippo Fiorelli, a Sicilian rider born in 1994, entered professional cycling at the age of 24, but immediately climbed the hierarchy, proving to be a determined and winning athlete. After a first year of good performances and placements, including two top 10 stages placements in the Giro d’Italia, in 2021 his first step of growth which has already allowed him to collect a victory, 5 podiums and numerous prestigious placings. A good podium in the Sestola stage of the Giro d’Italia 2021, hand also 4 top-10 finishes in two participations in the Giro d’Italia.


2022 will represent for him the third season in professionalism, but before facing it Filippo Fiorelli is determined to leave his mark again this season: “At the moment I feel really good and my values confirm that I have an optimal condition to try to leave my mark in some of these important Italian races that await us, starting with the Giro di Sicilia, where obviously I will have a special motivation. I am happy and grateful to Reverberi because I feel their trust on me and my skills. In these first two years as a professional I have also learned from my mistakes I know I still have room for growth. I know I am in the right team to continue my career and to achieve important results. The stage podium at the Giro d’Italia is a starting point for me to improve.”



Signing and contract renewal have also for Luca Covili, one of the team’s climbers, who despite approaching his fourth season among professionals is just 24 years old and has good growth potential. For him in 2021 good placings such as 7th place in the Adriatic Ionica Race, 6th in the Tour of the Czech Republic and the top 10 in Turkey and at the Sibiu Tour.


These are his words at the time of signing: “For me 2022 will be the fourth season in Bardiani CSF Faizanè. I have to thank Bruno and Roberto Reverberi for the trust they show in me. I know that I have improved this season reaching good placings, especially in June and July, from the Adriatica Ionica, to the Sibiu Tour, but I am also aware that I can and must continue to grow further. Now I am very focused on finishing the season well in these Italian races and I hope to be able to make a further qualitative step next year to also achieve personal success with which to repay the team’s trust.”