12.05.2021 · In evidence


Fifth stage of the Giro d’Italia and Bardiani CSF Faizanè again in the attack with Umberto Marengo and then in the counterattack with Davide Gabburo. The group returns on both breakway attempts and the stage ends with a sprint, which unfortunately does not take part in Filippo Fiorelli stopped by a fall less than 10km from the finish. No consequences for him.

The fifth stage of the Giro d’Italia ends in a sprint as expected, but in the middle two attempts to attack, and both Bardiani CSF Faizanè is present. The first action starts at the beginning of the day with Umberto Marengo together with Filippo Tagliani and lasts just over 80 km when the group finds the two forwards.

In fact, this stage is controlled by the numerous trains of the sprinters who do not want to be surprised again. However, about 60km from the finish, a new counterattack starts again consisting of first two and then three men, among them Davide Gabburo.

The group finds on them only in the final km about 6 km from the finish when unfortunately there are some dangerous falls in the group. In one of these the Sicilian Filippo Fiorelli is involved, fortunately without reporting any consequences, but thus being cut off from the sprint.