11.07.2022 · In evidence


A tricolor G.Stl by Gaerne in Special Edition, hand painted by the artist Morris Spagnol, will be at the feet of the new Italian Road Champion Filippo Zana for all the races of this second part of the season. Filippo Zana's debut, with the new Italian outfit, is scheduled for August in the Czech Republic at the Sazka Tour.

The symbol of the Italian success will also be present on Filippo Zana’s shoes. A very special tribute made by Gaerne for the Italian champion.

The new Carbon G.Stl white by Filippo Zana are hand painted by the artist Morris Spagnolon the side of the shoe the name of Filippo is stylized inside by the Italian flag where red and green fade to create an effect of speed.

The company founded by Ernesto Gazzola, who this year celebrates 60 years of activity, wanted to pay homage to Zana with a personalized shoe. The same model used for the victory of the Italian championship with which the Italian rider  has developed a special feeling over the years, but new details that make it unique.


Ernesto Gazzola (Founder and President of Gaerne SpA):

“For us it is a real honor to have created this shoe that embodies this important result for Zana and the whole Bardiani CSF Faizanè Team with whom we have been collaborating for many years. It was a fantastic season for Filippo, first of all with the success of the Adriatica Ionica Race and then with this extraordinary result, we are proud to have been supported him in achieving this victory that will remain forever next to his name and we could not but honor him with this shoe that will certainly stand out in the group. We can’t wait to see him compete with these shoes to achieve new important goals.”

Filippo Zana, new Italian champion, comments on his new shoes: “Gaerne has been by my side since my first year in professionalism. With their shoes in these 3 years I have developed a unique feeling that has accompanied me in my growth as a pro rider, up to the successes of this year and the victory of the Italian Championship. Receiving this tribute from them is therefore a source of great pride for me, you see the attention to detail in this special design that makes them a collector’s item. I will try to achieve new success by wearing them.”

The racing debut of the new G.STL with tricolor homage is expected in the Czech Republic at the Sazka Tour, where Filippo Zana conquered the general classification in 2021.