22.07.2021 · In evidence


Fourth new arrival of perspective for the #GreenTeam, which with the signature of the young Italian climber currently riding for the Iseo Rime Carnovali team gives more and more shape to the project based on the green line.

Omar El Gouzi is a young Italian climber currently working for the Iseo Rime Carnovali team, and from 2022 season will become a pros with the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team. Active for several years in the category, he has shown himself in particular this season with important and prestigious placements in youth competitions, without disfiguring even in the first comparisons with the professionals. With two top 10 in stages and a 4th place in the general classification at the recent Giro della Valle d’Aosta, he confirmed the good things done at the last Under23 national championships (7th) and at the Giro d’Italia Under23 where he finished 9th in the overall standings and twice in the top 10 of the stage. The rider also performed well in recent races where he challenged high-level professionals, such as at the GP Lugano and the Giro dell’Appennino.



These are the words of Omar El Gouzi at the time of signing at the Bardiani CSF Faizanè headquarters, where in addition to Bruno and Roberto Reverberi there were also his agent Christophe Le Mevel“I am delighted to have signed with one of the best Italian teams. On the occasion of the contract I met Bruno and Roberto Reverberi and I immediately realized that I was in an environment rich in history and great professionalism, where I will be able to learn a lot. I am a climber who knows how to defend himself, and in these first races in which I have compared myself with professionals such as in Lugano and the Apennines I have noticed that it is another way of running that in my opinion is more suited to my characteristics, with the most controlled race until the final where you play your chances. Before thinking about the future, however, I really want to thank the Iseo Serrature Rime Carnovali team who gave me time and space to grow. I thank my Sports Directors, from Mario Chiesa who with great experience knows how to grow a young riders at the right times and Daniele Calosso, with their teachings have been fundamental for my growth and the team president Maria Regosa”.