15.02.2021 · In evidence


Postural Point is the new official partner of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team for the creation of customized insoles for the riders of the team.

Postural Point, an Italian company with thirty years of experience in the development and manufacture of customized insoles for cycling, will join the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team from 2021 to supply customized insoles for all the riders of the team.

Postural Point has been active in the sector for over 30 years, since 2015 it has implemented a technological revolution by adopting 3D printers able of creating customized insoles of maximum precision. After a podiatry and postural examination carried out on all the athletes of the #GreenTeam, Postural Point sent the data to the company, analyzed by physiatrists and engineers and created through its 3D printers a customized insole for each of the team riders, designed with the system SolidWorks 3D computer scientist. The Bike insole was created with the aim of solving the main problems and pains typical of those who practice cycling and to improve competitive performance so as not to leave any detail to chance. The further great innovation introduced by Postural Point and available to all amateur athletes is the possibility of requesting orthotics directly from home using only the camera of their mobile phone to place an order.

“For us at Postural Point it is a great pleasure to be able to start this collaboration with the Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè Team.” Declared Mario Schiavon, owner of the company “A team that represents the history of Italian cycling, and for us it will be an honor to see the #GreenTeam champions competing with Postural Point insoles at their feet. We hope it will be a season full of triumphs and satisfactions.”



For more than 30 years Postural Point has been producing insoles for any need: for any sporting activity, for daily well-being and for any medical need. The very thin thickness and the sophisticated materials used are the characteristic that distinguishes the postural point insoles making them unique comfort. After years of research and laboratory tests, Postural Point has developed a collection of patented insoles (ACTIONFEET), which thanks to their internal technology are able to reproduce the postural benefits typical of customized insoles.

Since 2015, after numerous research studies and laboratory tests carried out together with the team of doctors, physiatrists and professors of the University of Biomechanics of Padua, Postural Point has developed a service and a way of creating completely state-of-the-art PERSONALIZED FOOTBEDS. Thanks to our advanced technology, we have the possibility to create very thin insoles that, at the same time, keep their function optimally. The feature that makes them unique is the complete realization of the internal structure through 3D printers. Furthermore, driven by the desire to continuously evolve, we were able to propose the same podiatry analysis service and the creation of customized insoles, from the comfort of your own home. All this made possible thanks to our advanced technology and continuous studies carried out together with our research and development team.


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