01.03.2022 · Lineups


After numerous days of racing abroad, from this Wednesday 2 March the Italian calendar will begin, with the Trofeo Laigueglia, the first of a long series of events in March, where the team will have 32 race days, 12 of which in the World Tour category.

The team’s Italian calendar will start on Wednesday 2nd of March. The Trofeo Laigueglia will represent the first of a long series of events that will see Bardiani CSF Faizanè involved in 32 days of racing in March, 12 of which in the World Tour category.

There are 7 riders selected to be at the start of the Italian seasonal debut. Leader of the team will be the expert Giovanni Visconti and the young Filippo Zana. The young rider launched among pros by the team, returning from good tests in Oman and Spain, will now try to leave his mark in his Italian debut. With him Davide Gabburo and 4 young Italian neo-pro riders, who will thus face their Italian debut as pro riders. These are Alessio Martinelli, Alex Tolio, Omar El Gouzi and Alessio Nieri, who will complete a very young line-up as per #Greenteam tradition.

The team manager Roberto Reverberi will lead the team from the teamcar.

As usual, the Trofeo Laigueglia circuit lends itself to being followed by numerous fans on the road, but for those who cannot be there RaiSport will guarantee a live broadcast starting at 15.00



Giovanni Visconti (1983)

Filippo Zana (1999)

Davide Gabburo (1993)

Alessio Martinelli (2001)

Alex Tolio (2000)

Omar El Gouzi (1999)

Alessio Nieri (2001)