04.02.2020 · In evidence


Un nuovo partner si affianca al team Bardiani CSF Faizanè per promuovere un tema molto importante e delicato: la sicurezza stradale. L’obiettivo è incrementare la visibilità degli atleti del team in strada durante i propri allenamenti. L’azienda svedese fornirà al team italiano luci anteriori e posteriori per tutte le bici da allenamento.

A symbolic partnership, to launch an important message to all cyclist, but moreover to all the drivers. A remind to all cyclist to make everything possibile to be visible on the roads, even during day-time, but most of all a kindly-remind to all the drivers to respect cyclist on every road.

“Together with our partner we decided to provide to all our riders a front and rear safety light to use during all the trainings.” explains the Team Manager Roberto Reverberi.First of all because also during daylight for us it is very important to be very visible, as much as possibile, and it is an equipment that we strongly suggest to all amateur riders for their safety all over the world. But for us it is also the occasion to launch a strong message to all the Italian drivers, reminding that roads are for everyone. We, as cyclists, we have to be the first to respect rules, wear the helmet, and be clearly visible with lights, such as the one of Bookman company. Then we ask to all the drivers to respect us driving carefully when they overtake us.”

A message reinforced also by Bookman Brand Manager, Victor Kabo: “Bookman is proud to get the opportunity to team up with team Bardiani CSF Faizanè. It is our very first cooperation with a professional road cycling team and we are happy to support them in this important message. With the occasion we look forward to a collaboration that will help us reach out to more dedicated cyclists and fans but also give us invaluable feedback in future product developments. We are especially glad to be able to provide these young talents with added safety on their rides in the form of our new block lights that combine high performance and compact and lightweight size.”