02.07.2021 · In evidence


Bardiani CSF Faizanè is pleased to confirm the title sponsor Faizanè for the next two seasons, 2022 and 2023. The company based in Zanè in the Vicenza area, convinced by the great results that the planning of the last two years is bringing, has decided for continuity. Great satisfaction of the president of Faizanè Martino Dal Santo: “Happy to continue in this project, that I consider our little Italian World Tour team for the blazon and results”.

Bardiani CSF Faizanè, the longest-lived team on the Italian and international cycling scene, continues its project in the name of continuity. In fact, the important renewal of the title sponsor Faizanè has been signed, which will be on the jerseys and in the name of the team also for the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

The confirms came in the last meeting between the Reverberi family and the Dal Santo family, owner of Faizanè Spa, for a renewal that guarantees great solidity and continuity to the #GreenTeam.



These are the words of Roberto Reverberi, team manager of the team“Martino, like the whole Dal Santo family, are at the same time great entrepreneurs and great cycling enthusiasts. The team’s results this season, the result of planning and patience in waiting for the young people, are there for all to see and have certainly given confidence and confirmation to a fundamental sponsor today in the Italian cycling scene. We are happy to continue side by side for the next two seasons with the aim of always improving and growing together.”

Martino Dal Santo, president of Faizanè Spa, expresses great satisfaction for the current season and expects growth and continuity from the team: “At the beginning of the year, together with the Reverberi family, we wanted to set up a high quality roster in order to be competitive in Italy. and around the world, that’s why I define our team as the “little Italian World Tour”. Today I fully feel I can confirm this statement, the planning of these years is allowing us to launch many talented young Italians and to be the first Italian team in Europe in the UCI rankings. At the last Giro d’Italia, where the team presented themselves with the only entirely Italian, with half riders from Veneto region in our line-up, the riders expressed themselves at high levels. As Faizanè, we are happy to confirm ourselves as an integral part of this project, always in support of Italian and Veneto cycling, in a sport that is continuing to give us important returns in terms of visibility and business.”



Faizanè, a company specializing in the resale and processing of plastics and techno-plastics at the service of businesses, has been the title sponsor of Bardiani CSF Faizanè since the 2020 season and has been active in professional cycling since 2018. The company founded by the Dal Santo family in 1968 is has always been very attentive to support in the social and sports world.

A familiar reality and at the same time an advanced commercial and production structure that has always been at the service of industry, Faizanè has been able to become a protagonist in the development trend of the Veneto area by grasping the new market needs and promptly transforming them, thanks to important investments, into winning solutions. In Faizanè ethics and innovation always go further together. Every year new technologies are introduced, following the innovations of the market and expanding our spaces to provide our customers with an ever wider choice in stock and above all the possibility of creating tailor-made solutions that can solve problems and simplify processing for all our customers. At the same time, new working methods focused on the maximum reduction of waste production and recycling are constantly being implemented.