08.02.2023 · In evidence


From the return on the race uniform sides to the new G.STL cycling shoes, revised and improved in design to ensure absolute comfort for #greenteam athletes.

The collaboration between the Reverberi Family team and Gaerne S.p.A. continues, thanks to the space dedicated to Gaerne on the uniform, specifically on the sides, positions that guarantee more visibility than ever.


Ernesto Gazzola, president of Gaerne S.p.A.: “We have been supporting the Reverberi Family and Team Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè for many years. We are proud to be part of this project that cultivates young talents to make them grow and bring them into the world of professional cycling. We have been making shoes handcrafted in Italy for 60 years. We are keen to do everything possible to ensure absolute comfort and technology for these athletes“.


Roberto Reverberi, team manager of Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè:” We can only be pleased with the renewal with Gaerne, a world leader in the sector. Many professional satisfactions have come from this collaboration and we aim to grow together in the future“.



Innovation, vision, passion for new challenges. Designed and developed with the experience we gained from 60 Years of Experience, for who strives for success! Superior comfort and max power transfer define our latest lightweight, high-performance Carbon G.Stl road shoes.


The upper is made of one-piece of microfiber with laser-drilling to provide heat dispersion and a perfect climate.


The ANATOMIC HEEL CUP 1.0 with its revised shape and internal non-slip treatment allows improved stability and the best foot control. Combined with the TARSAL SUPPORT SYSTEM 1.0 which surrounds the heel and shapes the shoes’ upper to the riders foot profile, these two technologies work together for unmatched power transmission and control.


INFIT CLOSURE SYSTEM features six fixing zones providing infinite adjustment and a precision fit.


BOA Li2 BOA’s new, breakthrough platform brings a sleek, low-profile design, unprecedented durability, and improved sustainability. With micro-adjustability, Li2 is the ultimate in fast, effortless, precision fit. Boa Technology guarantees the reels and the cables of the BOA closing system for the entire useful life of the product.

FIT TONGUE 1.0 Utilizing a variable thickness on its longitudinal and transverse section, obtained thanks to the seamless construction technique. Internally it is built with a high-tech cushion layer and is perforated for optimal breathability.


EPS LIGHTWEIGHT TRANSPIRANT INSOLE: Internal anatomical insole with tarsal area support to improve comfort and pedaling efficiency. The insole is perforated for optimum microclimate inside the shoe.


GAERNE EPS LIGHTWEIGHT FULL CARBON SOLE 12.0 Ultra-light and ultra-thin, the optimized carbon fiber weave ensures every watt of power is transferred to the pedals.  The stability of the foot is increased thanks to the shape of the sole in the plantar arch area.  Four air vents guarantee ventilation inside the shoe. The sole has an anti-slip insert in the toe and an interchangeable pad in the rear.  Cleat position options have been increased by 9mm compared to the previous sole, and an alignment scale printed on the sole allows you to memorize the position of the cleat. Outstanding stiffness index of 12.


For further information visit http://www.gaerne.com/