05.06.2023 · Lineups


Next #greenteam appointment in Holland with the ZLM Tour, a 2.pro category stage race, 7 riders chosen to start.

A route suitable for fast wheels is that of the ZLM Tour 2023. As per tradition, the short Dutch stage race will not offer particular altimetrical difficulties in its five days of competition, but riders will still have to pay attention to the wind, which often blows hard in these parts and could make the difference in the case of fans.


Having chosen the 7 riders for the starting grid, there is room for sprinters such as Filippo Fiorelli, Iker Bonillo, and Enrico Zanoncello. Romagnolo Manuele Tarozzi will be at the start for attacks from afar. Filippo Magli, chosen for his first race after the Giro d’Italia, will also be participating. Space is given to Rouleur Riccardo Lucca. Omar El Gouzi closes the lineup. Leading the team from the team car is Luca Amoriello.



Iker Bonillo (2003)

Filippo Fiorelli (1994)

Enrico Zanoncello (1997)

Manuele Tarozzi (1998)

Riccardo Lucca (1997)

Filippo Magli (1999)

Omar El Gouzi (1999)


Live streaming times on the Eurosport App, the June 7 prologue time trial will not be broadcast.


First Stage – 08/06 – starting from 3:00PM

Second Stage – 09/06 – starting from 3:30PM

Third Stage – 10/06 – starting from 3:55PM

Fourth Stage – 11/06 – starting from 3:25PM