27.08.2023 · Results


Pellizzari has won the final stage of the Tour de l'Avenir and secured 2nd place in the General Classification. This achievement marks the third-best result by an Italian cyclist in the past 50 years at the Tour de l'Avenir, a feat previously accomplished by Aleotti in 2019 and Ravasi in 2016.

In the Val-Cenis Termignon – Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise stage covering a distance of 99.6 kilometers, Pellizzari and Del Toro emerged as the absolute protagonists of the day. The Italian emerged victorious in the head-to-head battle with the Mexican. The young rider of Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè, Pellizzari, conquered the stage and secured the second position in the general classification. Throughout this Tour de l’Avenir, Pellizzari secured fourth place twice, stood on the podium with a third-place finish in yesterday’s second half-stage, and clinched the victory in today’s final stage. This result is the third-best by an Italian in the Youth Tour since 1973, with Pellizzari matching Aleotti’s achievement of being second in the final classification during the 2019 edition and Ravasi in 2016.


Pellizzari’s comments on the race: “I am thrilled about the stage victory. On the last two climbs, Del Toro and I broke away together. We collaborated well as a team, and my teammates behind us provided substantial support. The Tour de l’Avenir posed initial challenges, but I steadily improved as each day passed. I extend my gratitude to all my teammates, the staff, Marino Amadori, and my team, Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè.”



1. Giulio PELLIZZARI (Italy)
2. Isaac DEL TORO ROMERO (Mexico)
3. William Junior LECERF (Belgium)
4. Embret SVESTAD-BARDSENG (Norway)
5. Archie RYAN (Ireland)
6. Jan CHRISTEN (Swiss)
7. Davide PIGANZOLI (Italiy)
8. Lars CRAPS (Belgium)
9. Fernando Diego PESCADOR CASTRO (Colombia)
10. Mathys RONDEL (France)



1. Isaac DEL TORO ROMERO (Messico) 22:03:24
2. Giulio PELLIZZARI (Italia) 1’13”
3. Davide PIGANZOLI (Italia) 1′ 42”
4. Matthew RICCITELLO (Stati Uniti) 1′ 58”
5. William Junior LECERF (Belgio) 3′ 24”