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A new and ambitious title sponsor is entering the world of cycling, it is Green Project Agency, a company that operates in the energy saving and efficiency sector. The new partner will reinforce the already solid structure led by the Reverberi, leading to the birth of a new five-year project that aims to become the reference team of the Italian cycling.

Starting from the 2023 season, the Italian cycling will have a new important point of reference, the Green Project – Bardiani CSF – Faizanè. Bruno Reverberi, general manager of the team, made the announcement this Saturday 10 September at the Grand Hotel Savoia in Cortina, flanked by team manager Roberto Reverberi and the new title sponsor, Tommaso Giuliano, CEO of Green Project Agency. With them also the historical sponsors of the team, Bardiani CSF and Faizanè, who will give continuity to the project.


Bruno Reverberi – General Manager of the team.

“Today our project is renewed, with even greater strength, with a long lasting planning and an important vision of the future. In fact, our principles remain the same, but the five-year agreements with our sponsors, starting with the Green Project Agency that we welcome in the world of cycling, will allow us a different planning. Our mission remains to give space and opportunities for growth to young Italian talents as done in the past with Sonny Colbrelli and Giulio Ciccone and as done in recent years with Filippo Zana, who became a pros when he was very young with us and he became one of the youngest Italian national champions in the history. The goal of our project will always be to find the new Colbrelli, Ciccone and Zana, to make them grow by transforming them into winning riders, but now we will also have the strength to keep the new talents of Italian cycling inside the team and build on them what aims to become the reference team for Italian cycling.”

Roberto Reverberi – Team Manager.

“Our sports structure is already well defined, the arrival of the new main sponsor has first of all allowed us to strengthen our youth project where we have secured some of the most promising Italian Juniores. Our sporting goal will be to grow the new Italian champions of the future inside the team, then having the strength to keep them and allowing them to participate in top-level competitions. Already in 2022 our top riders participated in 42 days of World Tour races, nothing less than many Italian athletes who ride in a World Tour team, with the substantial difference that with us they can ride as leaders and not as “rouler”. At the same time, our young riders are gaining important international experiences by comparing themselves with the best Under23s in the world. Starting from these strong basements, we will build the calendar and the team for the 2023 season and in those to come to grow the best Italian talents of the future within our company.”

Tommaso Giuliano, CEO of Green Project Agency:

“Our company has decided to invest in what, today and in the near future, represents the great issue that can no longer be postponed: energy saving and efficiency, also through the use of the “green energies”. Our corporate project has as its mission to help families to save money through a lower consumption of gas and light by improving the energy performance of home systems and exploiting the most advanced technologies for the production of green energy, following the European directives on this issue.

It is a project that arises from the need to make a concrete and responsible contribution so that there can be a less polluted world for the next generations.

Today, we have decided to contribute, as main sponsor, to the growth of new cycling champions. A sponsorship in which we strongly believe because it invests in young people and because there are the best professionals in the world of cycling inside the project.”


Green Project – Bardiani CSF – Faizanè will be the new official name of the team starting from 2023. The Venetian company, Green Project Agency, specializing in the sector of energy saving and efficiency will be the new first name. The new partner is going to reinforce an already solid and fully confirmed structure, with Bardiani and CSF belonging to the same group that will become the second name of the team and Faizanè confirming himself as the third Title Sponsor of the team. If Bardiani CSF and Faizanè are companies already known for their pluriannual investments in support in the world of cycling, the real news is represented by Green Project Agency.


Green Project Agency.

Green Project Agency has chosen to invest in the world of cycling. After sponsorships at the Green Project Agency Mestre Calcio a 5 and at Venezia Calcio, on whose jerseys it was present in the Serie A last season, Green Project Agency chooses cycling as an important visibility tool to continue its important growth in the business world. Green Project Agency S.r.l. (“GPA”) is a company that operates in the energy efficiency and savings sector, with the primary objective of looking at environmental and social value. Energy efficiency means improving the energy performance of the plants, consuming less and therefore lowering the demand for exhaustible and polluting fossil sources, such as oil, coal, natural gas, etc. In addition to raising people’s awareness, Green Project Agency facilitates the “ecological transition” of our homes through energy redevelopment through the use of renewable energy and modern technologies applied to them.

More info on: https://www.greenprojectagency.com/



In Cortina the team management, thanks to the fast reaction of Alè Cycling, has already shown a first “draft” of the new official kit which will see the green color back in the group on the #GreenTeam jerseys. The partnership between the team and the leading Italian company in the production of technical apparel, Alè Cycling, will therefore also be confirmed for 2023. More details and the final kit will be revealed in the upcoming months.