09.01.2017 · In evidence


Bardiani-CSF Pro Cycling has signed a partnership with Italian startup Wellness & Wireless to provide to its riders the innovative device SuperOp. As a result of more than twenty years of research, coordinated by Professor Marco De Angelis of L’Aquila University, SuperOp measures the recovery level through blood pressure and heart rate in the morning, before waking up.

Wellness & Wireless technology translated the scientific studies into a real device, able to answer to one of the most difficult question on sport performance: knowing the real condition of an athlete. Day by day, SuperOp users can plan the right training load avoiding overreaching and overtraining.

“We’re really happy for this partnership with Bardiani-CSF” explained Paolo Gambini, Wellness & Wireless CEO. “We consider our device the result of the Italian talent on innovation and we identify ourselves with the vision of #GreenTeam project. Thanks to SuperOp we aim to provide to the team a very useful device to be more and more performant”.

“Every detail counts to face in the best way the challenges of professional cycling. This is why we decided to include SuperOp among our performance partners” said Roberto Reverberi, #GreenTeam manager. “Technology is part of modern sport and is the best support to field testing. We’re sure SuperOp can offer us an important improvement on the daily training schedule”.

SuperOp has been launched on the market on February 2016 and thousands amateur and professional athletes already use it, included 14 athletes who took part in Rio Olympic Games.