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A winning team does not change, especially when the "team" is made up of a set of quality technical partners who contributed to the sporting relaunch of Bardiani CSF Faizanè in 2021. One of the technical confirmations is Selle SMP which will supply the team with various products, each more suited to the characteristics of the individual rider. Many products will be available for the team, from the F 20, F 20 C and F 30 C models, to the Composit and Evolution saddles.

The Bardiani CSF Faizanè rides fast towards the 2022 season. Alongside the confirmations and new riders, there is also the “team of technical partners” that will continue to support the #GreenTeam in the next season. In fact, there are many technical confirmations, after a good 2021 season. Selle SMP will continue alongside Bardiani CSF Faizanè, with a large supply that will allow the team’s riders to choose the product that best suits their needs. There are 5 different models chosen by the riders of the team: F 20, F 20 C, F 30 C, Composit and Evolution.

These are the words of Maurizio and Franco Schiavon“2021 was a year full of emotions: the riders did a great job and the Giro d’Italia was exciting. From a technical point of view, the feedbacks on our saddles have been very useful for our process of continuous refinement of the product. In all this, a relationship of mutual trust has been consolidated with all the people who work in the team. We could not have expected more from this newfound collaboration, which we are renewing with conviction for next year as well.”


The riders of the team themselves explained their different products choices.

Filippo Zana – Selle SMP, F 30 C
Filippo Zana, the young Italian talent launched by the #GreenTeam coming from a 2021 of excellent performances and 4 victories, collected between team and national team, all riding his F 30 C, tells us about the choice: “The F 30 model is wider compared to other models and therefore fits my body perfectly. I then chose the F 30 C model because compared to the standard one it is shorter, giving me excellent freedom of movement both on the saddle and standing up, out of the saddle.”

Filippo Fiorelli – Selle SMP, F 20 C
Good performance and 1 victory on his F 20 C was also achieved by Filippo Fiorelli in 2021, and also in 2022 he decided to confirm his choice. “The F 20 C is the model that best fits my pelvis as it is narrow and short. In 2021 I chose it for the first time, and in 2022 I will certainly confirm this model with which I am very happy.”

Enrico Battaglin – Selle SMP, Evolution
The podium at the Giro dell’Appennino and some good placements in 2021, all reached riding on the Evolution model:
“Compared to the other saddles, it has a more “round” shape, in the sense that it supports my movement better on the bike. The choice of saddle is both anatomical and a matter of habit, in my career I have always favored saddles that guaranteed me this roundness in the movements, and the Evolution is the product of the Selle SMP range that best expresses my needs.”

Davide Gabburo – Selle SMP, Composit:
A different choice for Davide Gabburo, a quite experienced rider, who achieved success in 2021 on his Composit. “I have had the opportunity to use Selle SMP in the past in other teams and I immediately developed a good feeling with the Composit saddle, which I then chose again at the beginning of 2021, immediately catching my first success with the team. The Composit, a when well positioned, it guarantees a comfortable and comfortable seat that I find suitable for the many hours of cycling I do every day.”


Cover pictures: detail – Selle SMP F30 C

Picture 1: Filippo Zana in action with his F 30 C

Foto 2: Enrico Battaglin in action with his Evolution

Foto 3: Filippo Fiorelli in action with his F 20 C

Foto 4: Davide Gabburo in action riding his Composit