29.03.2023 · In evidence


San Benedetto ECOGREEN Mineral Water alongside the #GreenTeam. The partnership between the Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè team and San Benedetto is confirmed for 2023 for the supply of Mineral Water, Tea and Allegra Zero.

San Benedetto Mineral Water will contribute to the hydration of the #greenteam riders, who need to drink up to 6 litres of water each on each demanding stage. San Benedetto ECOGREEN is the mineral water line that for over 10 years has been aiming to reduce its environmental impact by using less plastic, totally offsetting residual CO2 emissions and creating a network of sources to reduce transport, making the Ecogreen Line ‘CO2 Zero Impact’. In addition, the 0.5L format is available with the innovative Twist&Drink cap, which is tied to the bottle so it is not dispersed into the environment. For after the race, the athletes of the Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè team particularly like to quench their thirst with Allegra San Benedetto Zero added sugar, the carbonated soft drink with citrus juice, or with Thè San Benedetto, immediately refreshing and thirst quenching at the end of a prolonged effort, especially on particularly hot days.



Founded in 1956, Acqua Minerale San Benedetto S.p.A. is present in one hundred countries on five continents and is the leading player in non-alcoholic beverages in Italy (source GlobalData 2022, data 2021). A ‘total’, multi-specialist and multi-channel company, San Benedetto successfully operates in all segments of the reference market, from mineral water (San Benedetto, Millennium Water, Acqua di Nepi, Guizza, Pura di Roccia, Fonte Corte Paradiso and Cutolo Rionero Fonte Atella) to fortified waters (Aquavitamin and San Benedetto SKINCARE), from carbonated soft drinks (San Benedetto and Schweppes) to tea (San Benedetto and Guizza) and children’s products (San Benedetto Baby), from sports drinks (Energade) and tonic waters (Schweppes) to flat juice drinks (San Benedetto Succoso and Tel Quel) and aperitifs (San Benedetto and Ginger Spritz).


Through sport San Benedetto spreads and supports the culture of a healthy and
sustainable lifestyle and, based on those values that underpin every sporting
discipline and a sustainable lifestyle, the Company reinforces these same values through cycling by great attention to the environment and a ‘green’ lifestyle’. Lifestyle in which the company itself is reflected: health and well-being of every person. For the Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè, the confirmation of a solid and appreciated company like San Benedetto among its partners is a source of great satisfaction.