20.09.2021 · In evidence


Fisiocortiana, partner of the team since the 2020 season, confirms its support for the #Greenteam with its facilities also for 2022. All athletes will make use of Fisiocortiana's skills for the sports medical examinations at the beginning of the season. Riders will also be able to continue to use the sport gym, trainers, kinesiologists, physiotherapists and the osteopath present in the structure.

Bardiani CSF Faizanè will continue to work alongside Fisiocortiana professionals and facilities for medical-sports visits at the beginning of the season. Fisiocortiana is specialized in medical examinations, physiotherapy and osteopathic treatments, instrumental physical therapies and personalized training for athletes of all levels, located in Schio, Vicenza – Italy.

As every year, the #Greenteam riders will make use of Fisiocortiana’s skills for the sports doctor visits at the beginning of the season, which include echocardiogram, exercise test on the cycle ergometer and spirometry. The center, represented by the osteopath and owner Giacomo Cortiana and the administrator Massimo Fontana, offers the professionalism and expertise of professionals both in the medical-health and sports-competitive fields. In fact, in addition to osteopathic and physiotherapy treatments, athletes will be able to train in the gym equipped with top machinery, which will allow them to refine their athletic training under the guidance of top levels trainers.

“We are happy to continue our collaboration with Bardiani CSF Faizanè.” CEO Massimo Fontana declares, “the team has allowed us to look out on top-level competitions such as the Giro d’Italia and to interact daily with athletes who are and will be a reference point for Vicenza cycling, such as Enrico Battaglin and the emerging talent Filippo Zana, former point of reference and leader of the Under23 national team. The work carried out with professionals allows us to further increase our skills, to make them available to all our customers, including many amateur cyclists. “

Since 2020, the Venetian athletes of the team, and in particular the young talent of the Under23 national team Filippo Zana, have made use of the Fisiocortiana facilities from many points of view, from the gym to physiotherapy.



Fisiocortiana offers high-level services for cyclists and enthusiasts of all levels. From the sports doctor visit to the performance bike.

With the Fisiocortiana Performance Bike it is possible to get a more precise picture of cycling performance and what is needed to maintain a good level of training. Every athlete knows perfectly well that preparation is the key factor for competitive success and that, in order to win, it is necessary to recognize and prepare for the specific challenges of the competition that one wants to face. With a solid and balanced base, and the constant support of the reference kinesiologist, it is possible to understand and orient the composition of your training towards a performance profile that matches your ambitions or the current phase of your program.


The Fisiocortiana center is located in Schio in the Vicenza area and is spread over 855 square meters with 250 of gym and sauna. Already active in sport since 2017, it is structured to follow the sportsman in every phase of his season, from the preparation phase (with particular attention to prevention) to the recovery of injuries to put at the service of athletes a structure capable of operating at 360 °, putting at the center is the health, prevention and preparation of athletes by offering a complete and quality service.