16.05.2021 · In evidence


High speed stage today in Giro d’Italia, with the breakaway of the day started after one hour and an half of battle. Inside the breakaway Filippo Zana and Giovanni Visconti. In Mallorca the team rode also the Trofeo Andratx with a seventh place of Giovanni Lonardi.

What a final in Campo Felice, and what a stage before with a strong battle also to be in the breakaway of the day. After more than one hour of race at high speed Filippo Zana is in the breakaway of the day. While the riders in the breakaway are still less than a minute away Giovanni Visconti is also triggered and with a good solo action manages to repot himself on the breakaway. The group leaves no room for the attackers keeping them for about 3 minutes. On the climb of Ovindoli, about 20 km from the finish line, the riders in the head of the race begins with various attacks. Filippo Zana tries to hold on but is caught up by the group together with Ulissi on the last climb. The group gradually found all the attackers and it was a victory for Egan Bernal over Giulio Ciccone and Aleksandr Vlasov.


Filippo Zana: “I’m in my second Giro d’Italia and certainly this was the hardest and most difficult action to reach. It took us over an hour and a half to get away from the group that didn’t leave us any space. I managed to insert myself in the first action, then in the second and finally in this third gone away. Luckily, because I don’t think I would have had the energy to fit in a fourth time. Surely the effort made to break away then paid off a little in the final, where I first resisted but then I was unable to keep one of the shots that took away a small number of athletes. “


Giovanni Visconti: “After several troubles and physical problems that slowed me down in this first part of the season, I wanted to start testing the leg that reacted better than I expected. Getting into the breakaway in such an explosive stage was not easy and to get back in front I had to make a good effort considering that I’m not at the top yet. Unfortunately, on the ascent of Ovindoli we did not climb as smoothly as I hoped because they told us that behind the group they had accelerated and sprints and counter sprints started. When the first attackers took some distance I preferred to slow down and save my leg for the next opportunities.”


In Spain today the team was busy with the second activity at the Andratx Trophy. Greipel won a group sprint, a good seventh place for Giovanni Lonardi, eleventh the other young fast wheeler of the team, Enrico Zanoncello.