01.09.2022 · Lineups


Sunday, September 4th, with the official start in Aberdeen the Tour of Britain will starts its show, a 2.Pro category race that will see numerous World Tour teams and a unique Italian team at the start: Bardiani CSF Faizanè. The Italian champion Filippo Zana is in the line-up.

From Sunday 4th to Sunday 11th of September, Bardiani CSF Faizanè will be at the start of the prestigious Tour of Britain. There will be 6 riders from the team, selected and leaded in the teamcar by Luca Amoriello and Alessandro Donati. A selection made to be competitive both in the stages and in the general classification and ready to be protagonist on mixed stages.

Leading the team there will be the Italian national champion Filippo Zana. With him Filippo Fiorelli appeared in excellent condition at the Bretagne Classic, a World Tour category race in which he took the 5th place, after over 250 km of race. With him there will be the experts Sacha Modolo and Enrico Battaglin as well as Davide Gabburo. A good opportunity also for the young rider Martin Marcellusi, who after the excellent tests with the #Greenteam youth project, won an important showcase and test in a top-level race such as the Tour of Britain.

At the start of the Tour of Britain, various World Tour formations are expected as well as top-level Professional teams. Bardiani CSF Faizanè will be the only Italian team at the start.

All the stages will be broadcasted live every day on Eurosport Player.


The line-up:

Filippo Zana (1999)

Filippo Fiorelli (1994)

Sacha Modolo (1987)

Enrico Battaglin (1989)

Davide Gabburo (1993)

Martin Marcellusi (2000)

DS Luca Amoriello, Alessandro Donati