04.07.2022 · In evidence


It will be a beautiful, evident and recognizable tricolor, the one brought on the roads all over the world by Filippo Zana in the next races. Alè Cycling and Bardiani CSF Faizanè choose tradition to best honor and respect such a prestigious jersey. Filippo Zana appears very happy at the delivery of the new National Road Champion jersey, received by the hands of Alessia Piccolo.

The 2022 Italian Road Champion jersey will still be made by Alè Cycling. Indeed, the Italian champion shirt changes owner, but it will still be the Italian brand that will design the tricolor and dress the Italian Road Champion. Today Filippo Zana went to the Alè Cycling headquarters to discover and collect his new tricolor jersey and was particularly excited at the sight of his new jersey.



These are the first words of Filippo Zana, at the delivery of the new shirt: “I had asked for a beautiful shirt like Sonny’s, but perhaps this is even more so, with the white side stripe fully recalling the flag. The tricolor as per tradition: beautiful, evident, large, recognizable in a group. Me and I think also many fans, have never liked jerseys where the flag was sacrificed by the team colors and I am happy that my team and Alè Cycling have satisfied me. Wearing the flag is a great honor and I will strive to honor it in every race. My debut with the Italian flag? It will probably be in August in the Czech Republic, where I already won last year. Winning with the tricolor on is my next big goal. “

The tricolor jersey changes rider, but Alè Cycling remains at home, with Alessia Piccolo who, upon delivery of the new jersey to Filippo Zana, declared:

“It is always exciting to see“ our ”boys win and it is even more exciting when – like David against Golia – it is the small teams that prevail. Our graphic designers and the production department immediately worked on Filippo’s shirt who, in agreement with the Bardiani team, will respect tradition; we want the flag to be clearly visible and recognizable in the middle of the group … just like Alé’s style “

Great satisfaction also in the Reverberi family, with Bruno and Roberto both present at the delivery: “The tricolor always has a unique value” says Bruno Reverberi, “despite the numerous victories in the Giro of our team, the Italian championship was missing from the 93/94 season. As I said to Filippo Zana, the beautiful things and the difficult things comes now, because a jersey like this must always be honored in every single race. For us who have always had a strong connotation in launching young Italians riders, bringing it to Bardiani CSF Faizanè will be a great honor. “


Filippo Zana’s tricolor uniform is made on the PR-S line, acronym of Pro Racing System, born from the close collaboration and synergy with the professional teams with which the Alè brand collaborates.

Fabrics that represent the top of technology and research. The distinctive points of this special line are the attention to aerodynamics through the “Body Mapping” and the anatomical construction, which allows you to structure the garments for ventilation, protection and transpiration needs.

The color of the shirt is made in compliance with the most classic and evident tricolor, in order to be strongly distinctive in the group. The novelty is represented by the white side band that goes well with the shades of the tricolor and with the red-colored sponsor Ghigi. The shorts on a black base, on the other hand, give the right elegance and neutrality, focusing attention on the tricolor jersey.