07.07.2022 · In evidence


Briko, official sponsor alongside Bardiani CSF Faizanè for many seasons, provided the rider with the tricolor helmet for the new Italian road cycling champion Filippo Zana.

The new tricolor outfit of the new Italian road cycling champion Filippo Zana begins to take a clear shape. After the new jersey made by Alè Cycling, which fully pays homage to the Italian flag in its most traditional version, Briko also provided the rider with his own helmet in the Italian version, so that Filippo Zana can be immediately recognizable in the race from every shot.

The same model currently used by the team, it is in fact the Quasar helmet.

This is the comment of Filippo Zana, on his new helmet: “I’m starting to realize what kind of success I reach, winning the Italian road championship. The new shirt and now the new accessories that all our partners are making for me really make me understand how important it is to wear the tricolor. I am happy because thanks also to Briko we will honor this victory in the best possible way, bringing the flag clearly visible in Italy and abroad in all the races we will do.”

Alfonso De Antoni, Briko commercial director, declared: “We are extremely proud that Filippo Zana of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team has fulfilled his dream and is the new Italian champion. With QUASAR helmet and STARLIGHT sunglasses we are sure we have given the right tools to be part of this success too. While waiting for new victories, congratulations to Filippo and Bardiani CSF Faizanè!”



The Quasar helmet, one of the top of the range in the Briko race category, is designed for good aerodynamics, combined with ventilation. The internal channels in fact allow the rapid dissipation of heat and humidity, improving performance, obviously without neglecting safety. Quasar is built with Full molding technology to create a total polycarbonate coating: upper shell, base ring, rear shell are joined to the internal polystyrene shell ensuring better shock absorption. As found by the athletes of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team, already during the first part of the season, the Quasar model is the perfect balance between aeration, essential even in very hot countries and seasons, and racing aerodynamics.