13.04.2023 · Results


"I went into the last kilometre in the first positions and I was fine, maybe I didn't believe in it enough, I'm sorry I didn't win".

Third stage of the Giro di Sicilia with arrival in Termini Imerese. After yesterday’s fourth place in the sprint, Filippo Fiorelli climbed onto the podium, taking an important second place. Breakaway of the day composed by 6 riders, the action that decided the race was that of Joel Suter who escaped from the breakaway group arriving alone at the finish line. Behind him Filippo Fiorelli came 2nd at the finish line. Always united and cohesive the riders of the #greenteam, on the final climb the important action of Martin Marcellusi brought Fiorelli in the first positions.


Filippo Fiorelli says:” There is a lot of regret, I believed in it so much, unfortunately there was some hesitation on the part of the other teams to go and catch the breakaway, there were other riders who could have won, it was not up to us to pull. I know these roads like the back of my hand, I always train here and I know the last 30km of today’s route by heart. I entered the last kilometre in the first positions and I was fine, maybe I didn’t believe in it enough, I am sorry I didn’t bring home the result because my family and friends were there, I would have liked to give them the joy of a victory. The excellent result remains and I feel that I have regained my condition after a not very happy period, I hope that my first success of the season will come soon“.