19.04.2021 · In evidence


Good start to the Tour of the Alps for Bardiani CSF Faizanè in a very high level race and fast pace. Sixth place for Enrico Battaglin in the final sprint. In the last 10km Daniel Savini also try an attack on the final descent with 3 other riders, caught by the group 3km from the finish.

Good start of the Tour of The Alps and excellent signals sent by Bardiani CSF Faizanè riders looking forward to Giro d’Italia. After a good action by Daniel Savini in the final descent and caught by the group just 3km from the finish-line, Enrico Battaglin tries the sprint reaching the 6th place.


The first part of the Tour of The Alps, despite being the least demanding of the 5, included a considerable difference in altitude, with 140 km to cover from Bressanone to Innsbruck, passing through the Brenner where the runners were also welcomed by a light snowfall. Fast-paced race with numerous repetitive shots to hit the first break of the day made up of 3 athletes and caught by the group on the penultimate lap on the final circuit. Four riders starts a new action, including Pello Bilbao of the team Bahrain and Daniele Savini for Bardiani CSF Faizanè who, after having climbed the top of the hill, gained an advantage over the group by about twenty seconds thanks to a great downhill action. So they try to resist the group’s return, but are caught up in the last 3km of the race when Gianni Moscon comes out of the group at high speed, followed by Andresen. The Ineos rider reach the victory by resisting the group’s return. Behind him the group sprint where Enrico Battaglin conquers a good 6th place overall.



Enrico Battaglin after the finish is satisfied with his growing condition:

“Today was the only stage of this Tour of The Alps that suited my skills. Challenging race, with very cold and snow on the Brennero, then a race at a high pace worthy of the Giro d’Italia, also considering the competitors level. Despite the speed and the difference in altitude, in fact, we arrived in over 100 riders in the main group, but as a team we moved very well, first Daniel in the final attack with Pello Bilbao and then to support me in the sprint. These are not the results for which I want to cheer of course, but I am satisfied with how my legs responded because in a stage that was congenial to me I was able to compare myself with high-level competitors, resulting in a competitive situation, so I feel on the right path towards the Giro d’Italia . “

Daniel Savini is satisfied with the condition even if he regrets the attempt closed by the group: “The sensations today were excellent and an undulating course with not too long climbs was quite suitable for me, I wanted to try it by exploiting my skills in descent. Once I started again I tried to help Enrico for the sprint which was our other option. For the next few days I feel in good condition but the stages are very demanding.”