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Cetilar Nutrition will be by the team's side to promote proper integration before, during, and after the race. Cetilar products are the perfect combination of sports and science.

Cetilar® Nutrition, a brand of the pharmaceutical company PharmaNutra, and VF Group Bardiani-CSF Faizanè have entered into a two-year partnership. The Italian company, already involved in the world of sports through various sponsorships and significant collaborations, will support the team’s athletes from breakfast to race stages, promoting proper supplementation during moments of maximum effort, including the crucial post-stage recovery phase.

Cetilar® Nutrition supplements, a result of PharmaNutra’s significant expertise in the field of nutraceuticals, stem from scientific studies and in-depth research in the professional sports world. This includes Race Bars, balanced bars enriched with Sucrosomial® Iron and Sucrosomial® Magnesium, available in flavors such as cranberry and salted peanuts, chocolate brownie, and cheese and pear.

The Nutrition range also includes Cetilar® Recover, a dietary supplement containing proteins, carbohydrates, leucine, hydroxymethylbutyrate, and minerals with sweeteners for the athlete’s post-race muscle recovery. Endurance Carb, a powdered carbohydrate dietary supplement with controlled-release caffeine for sustained energy, is also available in a convenient gel sachet. Race Gel Caf is a carbohydrate gel with caffeine, offered in powder form as well.

The range further comprises Hydral, a dietary supplement of minerals with sweeteners for warmer days; Rest, a dietary supplement of magnesium and Lactium®, dedicated to the athlete’s nighttime rest; and Shield, a dietary supplement of vitamins, minerals, lycopene, and coenzyme Q10 with sweeteners, designed for comprehensive organism protection.

Team manager Roberto Reverberi expressed, “Our goal is to provide our team’s athletes with the best in every aspect to enhance their performance with carefully designed products. In the realm of supplementation with Cetilar, we have a top-notch Italian partner with high-quality products. This is why we have chosen to establish a two-year partnership.”

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