18.08.2022 · In evidence


The first reinforcements in view of 2023 season for Bardiani CSF Faizanè arrives for the youth project of the #GreenTeam. They will become formally pro riders, but will join the youth project: Luca Paletti, Lorenzo Conforti and Matteo Scalco, all of them born in 2004.

The Bardiani CSF Faizanè youth project started in the 2022 season, grows and strengthens in view of 2023. In fact, 3 new riders are coming, all Italians and born in 2004. After excellent experiences as Juniores, the professional contract arrives for them. Exactly as happened last season for the Spanish rider Iker Bonillo and for the Italians Pellizzari and Pinarello, their racing program will see a commitment exclusively to the team’s youth project, with participation in international competitions reserved for the Under23s. This will allow the three young riders a gradual growth, but with the protection of professional riders and perfect integration into the team that will allow them to train and learn immediately from their more experienced teammates.


The words of the team manager, Roberto Reverberi, reaffirm the objective of the youth project:

“Our goal remains to allow the best young Italians to grow gradually and without the pressure to reach immediate results, in a professional environment. The World Tour teams and their Development teams increasingly draw on young Italian Juniors, anticipating them is essential to build in the future a competitive team. As already demonstrated in 2022, in their first year the youngsters of the youth project will have a race calendar exclusively of Under23 competitions, gradually arriving in subsequent years to confront the professionals. At the same time they have the opportunity to work in a context of Professional team, training in the training camps with more experienced companions from whom to “steal” the first secrets of the trade. What we did in 2022 signed the way, with very young riders like Pinarello, Pellizzari and Bonillo involved in a calendar exclusively of international and Under23 competitions, while the riders such as Marcellusi, Tolio and Martinelli, already with more experienced and victories among the Under, ride a calendar that was a mix between Under23 races and some pro races to get ready and competitive for the upcoming seasons.”


The 3 new riders.

Three young and promising Italian riders join the ranks of Bardiani CSF Faizanè.

Luca Paletti, climber, recently 5th in the Italian Juniores National Championships and 5th in the general classification at the Saarland Trophy, Nations Cup race with the Italian National Team. For him in 2021 also the 2nd place in the ranking of best young in the prestigious Giro della Lunigiana.

Lorenzo Conforti will also become professional, 3rd place in one stage at the Ain Bugey Valromey Tour last July and a passion for cycling inherited from his family, both from his father and from his older brothers. A complete and modern rider profile skilled in climbs and time trials, but with a good quick start.

The third new rider will be Matteo Scalco, 4th in the Juniores Italian National Road Championship and 6th in the time trial in this 2022, he is also a climber coming from the Borgo Molino team.


Riders declarations.

Luca Paletti: “I started from G6, but above all as a rookie when I started riding more consistently, but I made the real progression as a junior. As an athlete I define myself as a climber, I like climbs and stage races. As a style of ride I really like modern climbers like Pogacar, but there is still a long way to go. I chose the Bardiani CSF Faizanè project because I know that here I will be able to compare myself with the profs in training, but at the same time grow with the right times in competitions dedicated to the Under23. I have to thanks the Reverberi for their trust, my dad who has always supported me and led me to competitions over the years, A&J for the support, and Michele Bartoli my trainer who helped me a lot in my growth. ”


Lorenzo Conforti: “I still have to discover all my skills and I’m sure this is the right project to do it. I talked to Pinarello and Pellizzari and they talked very well about the environment and the possibilities of growing at the right times. We will make an adequate calendar with Under23 international competitions and without pressure of the result or without having to compare ourselves in the competition with the professionals as sometimes happens in the continental. In addition we will have important training camps in which to compare ourselves with older team riders from whom to learn the trade. I thank the Work Service team that made me grow a lot this year and my family that has always supported me, as well as obviously the Reverberi family for the trust and consideration in me.”


Matteo Scalco:

“In addition to coming from his same Juniores team, I am a friend of Alessandro Pinarello, we know each other well and he has always spoken very well to me about this new project of the Bardiani team. I am really grateful to the Reverberi for the opportunity granted me, as I am to the Borgo Molino team which has allowed me to grow a lot in these two years and to my agents in A&J who have made this transition possible. I consider myself a climber, I like the most demanding races and stage races, but I’m here to grow and find out what a rider I can become.”