13.03.2021 · In evidence


Stage and leader jersey for Filippo Zana at the Istrian Spring Trophy. The young man from Vicenza wins the queen stage and conquers the top of the general classification. 5th Daniel Savini, Filippo Fiorelli new points jersey.

Filippo Zana wins at the Motvun finish line and wins the queen stage of the Istrian Spring Trophy, also conquering the general classification of the Tour.

A stage once again attacked by the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team with Umberto Marengo good at entering the day’s action closed by the group 40km from the finish. It is therefore the #GreenTeam that takes the reins of the race, working to bring the compact group to the slopes of the last climb, thus giving the opportunity to its climbers, Filippo Zana and Daniel Savini, to play for the chances of victory. It is Filippo Zana who starts off the attack and reaches the top with a few seconds ahead of his opponents. This is the third success of the season for Bardiani CSF Faizanè and for the third time it is an absolute first. As for Davide Gabburo at the Alanya GP and for Filippo Fiorelli at the Porec Trophy, also for Filippo Zana it is the first success in his career. In 2020 the technical “revolution” that led the team to numerous changes brought new young Italians to professionalism, including Filippo Fiorelli and Filippo Zana. The #GreenTeam gave both of them important opportunities for growth such as participation in the Giro d’Italia 2020 and at the beginning of the season the first fruits of the work done by the Reverberi family team are now in evidence.



These are the words after the finish line of the winner of the day: Today the team was truly amazing. Always in front, first on the run, then to check allowing me to finalize their great work. The last 3km were decisive to play for the victory, the first as a professional, which I want to dedicate not only to all my teammates but also to my grandfather, who unfortunately passed away during the last Giro d’Italia. This first success is for him.”



Filippo Zana, becomes professional with the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team in 2020 at the age of only 21. The 1999 class, together with Fabio Mazzucco, was in fact one of the two youngest athletes at the start of the Giro d’Italia 2020. A complete athlete skilled in medium-length climbs and able to capture results and important placings in the youth categories such as victory of the Capodarco GP and the top 10 placements at the European Championship and the Junior World Championship, both played on the attack, being taken back by the group when the finish line was within sight. Filippo Zana therefore does not lack the courage to try and the tenacity not to be discouraged and in the 2020 Giro he wanted to highlight himself with actions and escapes from afar as in his style.


Today, March 13, 2020, he takes his first victory among professionals, in the second stage of the Istrian Spring Trophy, a success that also allows him to leap to the top of the overall standings and become the new tour leader. The only negative note of the day was the double crash for Giovanni Visconti and Filippo Fiorelli at high speed. For both the consequences have to be evaluated in the evening in view of tomorrow’s stage when the last and decisive fraction will take place with arrival in Umag and a race in the race to be played on the edge of the seconds also for the general classification, paying attention to the bonuses located along the route.