21.01.2022 · Lineups


After two intense weeks of training camp this Sunday, it is debut time with the first race of the season. The Classica Comunitat Valenciana will take place this Sunday 23 of January starting from La Nuncia with finish-line in Valencia.

8 riders from Bardiani CSF Faizanè are ready for their seasonal debut this Sunday 23 January at the Classica Comunitat Valenciana. 175 km to cover starting from La Nuncia with finish-line in Valencia for a race of great tradition that resumed in 2021 after a few years of stop and now in its 38th edition.

The Spanish race will immediately be an opportunity to see again with the jersey of Bardiani CSF Faizanè Sacha Modolo. Giovanni Visconti, Filippo Fiorelli, Filippo Zana, Samuele Zoccarato, Davide Gabburo and Fabio Mazzucco will make their seasonal debut alongside him. The training is completed by the new professional Manuele Tarozzi who will thus run his first race as a pro rider. In the teamcar Roberto Reverberi will lead the team, together with Mirko Rossato, who has lived in La Nuncia for years and knows perfectly the “home” roads and the Classica Comunitat Valenciana.

The 175 km route includes some altitude difficulties, all placed in the first 100 km of the race. In the first 25 km the riders will immediately face the Coll de Rates and then descend towards Pego. At km 90 the second kom of the day awaits them with the ascent of Alto de Barx. The route then continues without particular elevation difficulties until the arrival of Valencia, but with the wind that could be an important factor in the final.



Giovanni Visconti (1983)

Sacha Modolo (1987)

Filippo Fiorelli (1994)

Filippo Zana (1999)

Samuele Zoccarato (1998)

Davide Gabburo (1993)

Fabio Mazzucco (1999)

Manuele Tarozzi (1998)

DS: Roberto Reverberi & Mirko Rossato